• I have a story to tell you
    I have a story to tell you. I received a precious gift from Norway the other day. A cube of silicon bronze Everdur sent by Jan Jacobsen. EVERDÜR! Sounds like the name of an Elf to me!
  • Demo song based on the stanza 18 of the Völuspá
    Today I would like to share with you the demo of a song that composed some time ago and that I never dared to share before; because I don’t know exactly what to do with it… or how to arrange it.
  • TOMBELAINE, here sleeps the serpent
    View from Tombelaine: where sleeps the serpent.
    Short extract from a long medieval song from Norway.I hope to be able to propose the whole song with orchestration soon.Vocal and musical texture: Morgann’ Gyger
  • Nouvelle Video pour Up North Winter song
    A l’heure où les neiges fondent et où le vert reprend ses droits pour quelques mois, « Up North Winter Song » s’est habillée d’une nouvelle video – histoire de mêler l’image au son et de dire au revoir à l’hiver. Voix et effets sonores © ᛘ ᚮ ᚱ ᚵᛆ ᚿ ᚿ  MORGANN’