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  • Threnos to Toni Ott / Threnos à Toni Ott
    Toni passed to the Summer Land on May 8th … We knew each other only through mutual friend and music, but today, I wanted to dedicate to him this Threnos for which we have worked together. This funeral ode is yours today. May it let you to cross peacefully to the other side!
  • Spume from the Abyss / Ecumes des Abysses
    Your laughter is the spume from the abyss of your heart. I knew how to capture your spray, Your tuning, your frequency,
  • Et si certaines Runes avaient été inspirées par la danse du soleil ?
    La nuit dernière, nous célébrions la nuit la plus longue de l’année, mais aussi la renaissance du nouveau soleil (neo Helios – l’origine du mot Noël. En ce solstice d’hiver 2020, mes yeux se sont posés sur cette image, (dont je ne connais malheureusement pas l’auteur). Quelque chose m’a sauté aux yeux, comme une évidence, une révélation, une nouvelle compréhension.
  • Six songs from the North
    Six pieces of Nordic songs to which I lent my voice. Music guaranteed without GMO, without autotune, without studio production, 100% organic and homemade. The only ingredients are the voice and the passion. Isn’t that more than enough?
    Song Of The Runes Medieval folk song from Norway (norsk eldre kvad).

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